shaking of the elbows to maintain balance and the slightly trembling of the ropes connected to the arms of the participating public while lifting the structure become the emotional moments and the center of this action. Architectural structures and the human figure are at once trapped in a moment of friction, tension, and failure—each looking for definitions, places or goals to be reached. With intensified actions of meaningless labor and struggle alongside a projection of simple natural acts of breathing, these four artists explore how the natural forces of balance, compression, tension and expansion can be amplified beyondaesthetic value into local, social and political spheres.

No pasa nada

En esta exposición, el pintor y artista de instalaciones Caleb Duarte Piñón, invita a la astronauta y artista de performance Mia Eve -de Chicago Illinois- y a la artista de vídeo Judy Stone,-profesora de escultura en la Universidad de Maryland- a intentar levantar un piso grande de cemento utilizando cinco figuras humanas como los balances de Eve sobre el cemento flotante. En respuesta, Judy Stone, en colaboración con Francisco Hidalgo Diaz, proyectarán una seria de acciones de soltar y transferir esa tensión y conflicto a través de simples ejercicios de energía. Las estructuras arquitectónicas y la Figura Humana, ambos son atrapados a la vez en un momento de fricción, tensión y falla, cada uno buscando definición y un lugar o meta para ser alcanzada. Con esta acción insignificante, labor y lucha, junto a una proyección de simples actos naturales de la respiración, estos tres artistas exploran las fuerzas naturales de la compresión, tensión y expansión más allá del valor estético, bajándola hacia la esfera socio-política local.

In this performance, artist Mia Eve, Caleb Duarte Pinon, video artist Judy Stone, professor of sculpture at the University of Maryland and MICA, and local energy worker Francisco Hildalgo Diaz, collaborated in a one-night performance in the tiny Galeria El Cerrillo in Chiapas Mexico.

In preparation for this action, Duarte sets out to construct an eight inch thick slab of cement to be lifted and balanced by the participating audience. In response, Mia Eve and Judy Stone join forces with Francisco Hildago Diaz to perform a series of actions that confer the release and transfer of tension and conflict through simple energy exercises.

As the performance begins, a group of several participants lift the heavy structure with ropes using the support structure of the architecture with in the gallery space. At the same time, Eve's attempts to crawl and balance on the cement slab while a video of Francisco's energy work is is projected outside the gallery space. At this point, the audience is not fully aware that Eve is paralyzed from the waist down, making her struggle to balance on all fours a mirror to the struggles of the several men lifting and maintaining the balance of the concrete slab.  


As the hour long performance proceeds, the public, after experiencing fear of the wight and the inherent danger involved in lifting an approximate 600 pound object, begin to realize Eve's fragility and strength and the fact that she indeed has very little control of her lower body. The tension between Mia


A performance in collaboration with

Judy Stone, Francisco Hildalgo Diaz, Caleb Duarte, MiaEve

Location: San Cristóbal De Las Casa, Chiapas Mexico-Galeria El Cerillo

Duration: 56mn

Performance con excultura temporal-Galeria Cerrillo

Caleb Duarte, MIa Eve, Judy Stone, Francisco Hildago, y participanted tel publico