Casa de Arte en Movimiento y Residencia Internacional de Diversas Practicas.

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During the residency program, many visiting artist wanted to work directly with the street vendors, the children. So we set up summer programs where musicians, circus people, and visual artist, could work with the children around the city of San Cristobal. It was consistent at times and not so at others, as we had a large artist resident turn around do to the nature of our project. Through out the year, EDELO opened its doors after 2pm in which the children would come in and out of the building so to expose them and the artist to the art courses and artistic activities going along in the house and to promote a growing relationship with the space. At its peak in any given summer we could expect over thirty children and their mothers participating in our program, on slower moments we had over seven children regularly visiting EDELO and participating in more intimate artistic sessions.