EDELO Migrante

EDELO Migrante


“If the machine imposes a perverse logic in which every tragedy numbs rather than enrages, perhaps it could be the Arts that remind humanity that people not only kill and destroy, impose and dominate, humiliate and doom to oblivion, but can also create, liberate, and remember.”   -EZLN

Piña Palmera Centro de Rehabilitación, Oaxaca, MX. 2016


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Resistencias Sonoras

EDELO Migrante como Directores Artisticas en The Red Poppy Art House, SF.  2015

In collaboration with unaccompanied immigrant youth.

LA Pena Cultural Center, Oakland, CA, USA.

Dorris Duke Foundation.  2016 - Present

Convocatoria Zapatista CompArte ConCiencias por la Humanidad

Zapatista Festival CompArte ConCiencias for Humanity. 2016

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Persigiendo La Bestia

This Is My Home

La Buscada

Pacha Mama

Comparte - Zapantera Negra


En Memoria Viva

IN LIVING MEMORY bestia IMG_2621 IMG_1442