P r o g r a m a E s p a c i a l A u t o n o m o I n t e r g a l a c t i c o

Inter Galáctico / Entre comunitario es un programa espacial autónomo y una colaboración interdisciplinaria con mas de cien tejedores, costureras, pintores, carpinteros, activistas culturales y organizadores del sur de Chiapas, México. Rigo23 a estado visitando los cinco Centros Autónomos Zapatistas, las aldeas cercanas, y pueblos desde el año 2009. A tenido Reuniones y entrevistas con líderes de diferentes comunidades para proponer les a los artesanos a construir juntos una nave espacial Inter Galáctico. El trabajo resultante se mostrará en su propio planetario, en Abril de 2012, en la galeria REDCAT, (centro de Los Angeles) - en el edificio famoso futurista post-modernista diseñado por Frank Gehry.

Inter Galactic / Inter Community is an autonomous space program and an interdisciplinary collaboration with over one hundred weavers, seamstresses, painters, carpenters, cultural activists and organizers of southern Chiapas, Mexico. Rigo23 has been visiting five autonomous Zapatista centers, nearby villages and towns since 2009. He had meetings and interviews with leaders of different communities to propose to the artisans to build together a Inter Galactic spaceship. Durring its' creation EDELO was turned into a Space Center for six months; the resulting work is displayed in its own planetarium in April 2012 in EDELO, and later in the gallery REDCAT ( downtown Los Angeles ) - in the post -modern futuristic building designed by famous Frank Gehry.

"Based on the iconography and imagery of the EZLN, Autonomous InterGalactic Space Program attempts to realize the possibilities of intercommunal and intergalactic dialogue through sculptures, tapestries, and painted murals that give shape and voice to the Zapatista community’s struggle for autonomy in the face of globalization. The planetary constellations and vegetal spacecrafts that form the basis of the exhibition illustrate the movement’s radical politics, its belief in the ability to overcome the constraints of time and space, and its commitment to the redistribution of land ownership. As part of a continuum informed by Rigo 23′s collaborative relationships with artists and producers in Chiapas, Autonomous InterGalactic Space Program aims to further engender the interplanetary transmission and dissemination of the political and cultural ideology of the Zapatista movement into cosmic space and beyond."

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